According to a recent story in the Sacramento Bee about disabled placard abuse (where up to 75% of parking spots are now seen taken by those claiming to be disabled), the Bee notes in San Francisco of every 100 vehicle registrations 11.5 disability plates are claimed.


11.5% of San Franciscans are disabled?

It gets worse.

The 11.5% rate is far and away the highest of any California county. The average in California is 7.5%, which is still high, although the average is inflated by San Francisco’s figures.

San Francisco is one of the most liberal places in the world, where there is no end to the government benefits to be claimed.

Having once lived in San Francisco, with its steep hills and disability unfriendly geography, the rate should be lower than the state average.

Me thinks San Francisco is an epicenter of a massive amount of fraud on a number of issues. Disability is one. Medical marijuana is another. Apparently, the “doctors” giving out medical marijuana clearances to 100% of the people requesting them are the same ones handing out vehicle disability placards.

This not only harms those who are really disabled, it prevents working folks from getting parking, and since the parking spots are tied up all day business sales suffer. Of course, the fraudsters in San Francisco are the same ones who want businesses to “pay their fair share.” It’s not about fairness. It’s about supporting fraud.

San Francisco Claims Whopping 11.5% Disability Rate
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