The California budget crises seems unending as the state with some of the highest personal and corporate tax rates, sales tax, and which gobbles obscene amounts of tourism dollars, watches its dollars sink into bureaucratic blackholes.

The latest punishment of Golden State residents: court fees.

They just went up again. Way up.

If you’re injured it will cost you $435 to file your lawsuit.

If you are sued, even an unmeritorious case will also set you back $435 just in initial court fees.

If your case is complex has many defendants, prepare to be shocked. In addition to the $435 filing fees, there are now “additional” fees of $1000 for the plaintiff and $1000 for each defendant up to max of 18 defendants.

The end result: $27,265 in court fees just to file a lawsuit and answer.

Now don’t get me started about the hundreds of millions the judicial branch has wasted the past few years in computer upgrades.

Shock Fee : $27,265 to File and Answer California Lawsuit
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