Asiana airlines was recently in the news because its plane crashed in San Francisco. Thus far, three people have died and scores where injured.

From news reports it appears the most likely cause of the crash, or least one contributing factor, was pilot error. The plane was flying too slow, and too low, and hit a sea barrier leading to the runway. Apparently, right before impact the pilots tried to gun the engine to gain more speed and abort the landing, but it was too late.

Other statements in the media include this was the end of a long, 10 plus hour flight, the pilot only had about 40 hours of experience with this type of plane and it was his first landing with the type of Boeing aircraft at SFO, and this was the first or one of the first flights by the training pilot.

It is a tragic and deadly event. There is nothing more damaging to the reputation of airline then crashing a plane and killing people.

Then, a local San Francisco station, perhaps in a rush to obtain a scoop, published the names of the four pilots. The names released, though, were the subject of a hilarious prank. Here is what the station released:

Sum Ting Wong

Sum Ting Wong
Wi Tu Lo
Ho Lee Fuk
Bang Ding Ow

Not only are the names funny, but the order of the names is a narrative for the crash.

Now, Asiana airlines claims it may seek legal action against the station for harming its reputation.


Maybe it is a poor public relations attempt to divert attention from the fact the airline may be held responsible for killing people.

It certainly does not have a reputation to be damaged. Certainly not be a joke.

Lighted up Asiana. There are worse things that can happen to an airline besides a TV station falling for a prank. Like destroying an airline, killing people, and then getting up in arms over a joke.

Does Asiana Airlines Have a Reputation to Damage?
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