California lawmakers in their infinite and majestic wisdom and have a new requirement to commercial websites collecting personal information from consumers: to disclose whether ‘Do Not Track’ suggestions in web browser settings are followed by the website.

Details about the law here:

One of the problems with California’s law is there are no penalties for noncompliance. Except for large companies who may be publicly shamed into compliance there is not much reason to pay attention to California’s new attempt to regulate the world wide Internet.

Then there is the law itself, which does not prohibit tracking, does not prohibit collecting private information, does not prohibit the selling of private information, and does not prohibit a site from ignoring a web browser’s settings.

All it does is require a new disclosure buried within a legal privacy policy that no one reads anyway.

That is a great use of legislative time. A law with no penalty, accomplishing nothing of substance except adding words to a legal document no one reads. Oh well, more work for attorneys.

Is it Worth Passing Laws with No Penalties?
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