Following in the footsteps of southern California courts like Orange and Los Angeles County, the Sacramento Superior Court has started to implement a profit center by charging for name searches online. The online court records have always been free to search, but no more. Now, fees will run up to $2500 just to do name searches per year.

Additionally, like Orange County, Sacramento will require that you register with the court before doing any searches online. In other words, the government will be tracking who you are and what you are searching for. The government monitoring system is already in place even before fees begin to be collected.

Now, if you are a landlord wanting to know if your potential tenant has sued the last four apartments they lived at, you need to pay the court to find out. Want to know if someone has a criminal record? Pay the court.

This new profit center is on top of massive fee increases for the courts the past few years. For example, here is a prior post about is costing $27,625 to file some lawsuits.

Also, if you want a court reporter to transcribe what is said during a hearing, so you can preserve grounds for a possible appeal, you need to pay a fee to the court in advance of the hearing. No pay = no record of what was said. For over 150 years this had been a service provided by the court for hearings without cost, but no more.

Sacramento Court Monitors Users and Charges for Online Records Searches
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