My Toyota Highlander is no longer new – we’ve been through 9 years and 160,000 miles. That’s a long time and a lot of miles in one seat.

In some respects the “Truckster” as I call it is showing it’s age. Aren’t we all? But it’s also looking surprisingly good for all the wear and tear. Here are some ideas for keeping your ride happy.

– Keep it clean. Yes, this can be a challenge. Especially when hay and other horse supplies are being transported by those with muddy boots. Instead of letting the dirt build up take just a couple minutes with a vacuum and a cleaner. I’ve found windex works fine on the inside dash and not just for windows.

– Get some touch up paint. You never know when you’ll need it.

– Use the best vinyl cleaner possible on the seats. This is one area where I definitely should have used a higher quality product more often. When the seats get dirty they can be hard to get looking like new again.

– Get in the nooks and crannies. The Highlander is reasonably good at not having too many small places where dirt can accumulate that is difficult to reach. You may need to get into the backseat to reach some of the areas around the front seating area.

– A little squirt of ‘new car smell’ spray every once in a while can also help your senses feel like they are back in a brand new car.

How to Keep Your Highlander Looking Like New
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