The Luxe is the new set of movie theaters at the Palladio outdoor mall in Folsom. As the number of movie tickets sold has slowed theatres have looked to other ways to generate revenue. The idea behind the Luxe is to take a page from Studio Movie Grill and offer luxury seats, an extended entertainment experience, and deliver food to you while watching the movie. Additionally, no children are allowed after 5 pm so supposedly there is a better movie watching experience without distractions from obnoxious kids.

The results …

$15 movie tickets! Yowsa. Tickets at the “regular” Palladio 16 are $10.50 so this is a huge 43 percent price increase.

With the tickets you select your seat so you do not have to fight for open seating.

After paying your $15 you walk in and there is a lounge and small bar. It looks nice. Comfortable place to sit and chat before and after a movie. You wouldn’t even know there was a movie theatre.

In the back, off to the right, are steps up to the cinema screens.

We were greeted by someone who, in an over the top booming voice welcomed us to the Luxe.

Entering the theater was a bit of a shock. Easily one of the smallest movie screens I had ever seen. I tried to calculate if my living room screen was bigger. There were ten seats across.

In addition to the small screen, there did not seem to be any “sound” experience additions. No surround sound, for instance. It was a very weak movie experience.

The seats were reclining leather chairs with a small table rest to put your food. One of the arm rests on my seat was streaked with grease from someone prior who had some food. There was a large, red, something, between the seat cushion and side of the seat. Looked gross. I didn’t want to know what it was, and certainly was not going to touch it.

The seat itself was very uncomfortable with a lump in my back. This resolved itself by reclining the seat back and finding an angle that was comfortable.

Then the opportunity arrived to buy a drink and dinner.

A glass of coke was $5.

Food was a lot more.

I passed.

The person next to me ordered nachos. They were stale (her words) and crisp, so during the movie every time she took a bit there was a loud CRUNCH and then CHEW CHEW CHEW.

Give me little kids any day instead of CRUNCH, CHEW CHEW CHEW over and over.

Tip: food in movie theatres should be soft and quiet.

Although no cells phones are allowed, as is the rule in any theater, as the lights are such a distraction to others when used, the staff was using tablets to take orders during the movie. So much for no distraction.

Overall – pass on the Luxe. It is a poor movie experience. However, if you are more interested in a quiet, upscale lounge to meet, have a conversation and drink before or after a movie, then it is worth considering. If you don’t want to mingle with the “WalMart” crowd the $15 tickets will do the trick. Too bad the actual movie experience is not up to par.

Folsom Palladio Luxe Review
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