The recent firing of a male Google employee who challenged how his company views “diversity” raises important issues – now ironic issues since that is why he was fired.

Dames Damore claimed the lack of female employees at Google was due to biological differences, and that is why there are fewer women in tech and in leadership positions. Damore asserted the company is left-leaning and a better diversity goal (better because it does not battle against biological differences) would be political / thought diversity of opinion, regardless of the sex of the person holding the opinion.

Too often in corporate America “diversity” has a meaning associated with liberal political causes. Diversity does not mean appreciating a full spectrum of opinion.

For example, if an employee were to proclaim they were a neo-Nazi – instead of joyously promoting this new diverse opinion within the company – they would most likely be let go because their opinion runs counter to the inclusiveness of others.

Of course it is ironic that Google would fire a conservative employee challenging the leftward tilt of the company.

But what about his claim of biological differences? Is that a grounds for firing?

The opinion is certainly not politically correct.

It is an opinion I do not agree with. In fact, I would say women are smarter than men, if anything, and more women should be in leadership positions.

As I recall there was a story that 60% of the employees at Google are men (no breakdown between tech and secretarial positions) and 80% of leadership positions where held by men. Whatever the actual ratio, it was far from 50-50. With Google’s management taking the position this difference is not due to biological differences between the sexes, then Google, what is the reason?

What is Diversity?
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